Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 is trying too hard

Confession: I only just watched the original Pitch Perfect yesterday.
I know, it’s like I broke the law or something. But hey, I watched a lot of Glee in college, so — maybe a little arrogantly — I felt prepared enough to dive right into the first movie and watch a diverse assortment of young adults sing and dance their hearts out before making it to Regionals or whatever. While certainly not a wholesale ripoff, fans of the original know that that’s pretty much what happens. Anna Kendrick, as the drily rebellious Beca, joins a motley crew of disgraced college a capella singers and eventually leads them to glory. It ain’t perfect, but it’s fun — the kind of teen movie that wears its love of Top 40 pop and ‘80s underdog fantasies on its sleeve.

Well, if Pitch Perfect was Glee at the movies, then you can liken Pitch Perfect 2 to Glee’s second season. It’s bigger, it’s louder, it’s stuffed to the brim with guest stars, and it’s really not as much fun. Pitch Perfect 2 is a lesson in why too much of a good thing can be bad.