Monday, 4 May 2015

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Manny's camp cry foul after Floyd wins unanimous decision - live reaction

Exclusive: Floyd Mayweather beats Manny Pacquiao with brilliant performance, but promoter Bob Arum says one-armed Filipino was crucially denied shoulder injection pre-fight 
I'll be signing off shortly, I'll leave you with a final blast of correspondence which, if nothing else, prove that people can all sit and watch the same thing and see something entirely different...  
Christopher Biggs tells us: "When Mayweather steps out of his weight class and beats the world champion in their own weight class maybe you will stop hearing the comparisons between the two but as long as Floyd sits protected in the same weight class he's fought for almost a decade no one cares. It's like owning the video game Madden, playing on rookie and going undefeated, looks real good on paper the rest of us (the people that know the sport) know better. I won't even go into the questionable scoring because, like anyone else that even knows a fragment about boxing, the score card is not always right. But at the end of the day he is 48-0 in his weight class, that is an accomplishment, but top five? Watch some real boxing. I forget how many weight classes has Manny moved up to then beaten the world champion? Oh that's right Manny has done it six times. That's why he is still, even after losing, referred to the greatest pound for pound fighter there is. Because he is - he's a man not afraid to take on a challenge, and he's not a coward that sits in the same weight class protecting his belts. Do yourself a favor learn about boxing and then start writing stupid blogs.
"It's a shame to see so many people who don't understand boxing here but it's a mainstream event so it comes with the territory I guess.
"I think Floyd won easily and has always been better than Pacquiao, finally the debate is over, we can all move on and decide where Floyd ranks in the top five of all time boxers.
"I think it's disgraceful that the first thing Manny did was complain about his injury. News flash to all those who aren't well acquainted with the sport, most boxers are carrying some kind of injury into the fight. If it's truly serious the fight will be postponed or cancelled (e.g. broken bone or cut around eyes) but if it's not you continue with the fight and cannot use that injury as an excuse.
"Throughout the promotion there have been amazing double standards involved, saying Floyd has slowed and down due to the manner of his two wins against Maidana whereas Pacquiao is still considered amazing following his loss by KO to Marquez. If Floyd lost and blamed a shoulder he would be ridiculed. I hope we do the same to Manny since the reverse is the case."