Friday, 15 May 2015

Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Responds to Haters After Spring Photo Shoot: See the Pictures

Is life in plastic really all that fantastic? "Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova posted brand-new photos of herself via Facebook last week to welcome spring, and responded to her haters and body critics on Thursday, May 14. See more photos of Human Barbie here.
In her latest seasonal shoot, the Internet sensation — famed for her porcelain face, Barbie-like proportions, and controversial quotes — appeared even more distorted than usual. The Eastern European model showed off her uber-tiny physique in a too-small navy bustier bra and skimpy faded shorts.
From behind, her bottoms were so tiny that they showed off her butt cheeks. The model's midsection, meanwhile, included a shocking set of six-pack abs, which prompted critics to speculate whether her physique was the result of hard work — or Photoshop.
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After receiving backlash with her latest social media updates, Lukyanova posted an extended message via Facebook on Thursday, ripping her critics. "It is a pity that most people choose the path of degradation," she wrote in Russian. "If they see a man who has succeeded with something better than they are, they are ready to literally tear. Especially often I see it on the Internet."
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